What, Exactly, is The Goal Here?

So we had this pro-Trump “free speech rally” down the street from my home and I tuned in to the livestream to watch a guy nicknamed “Stickman” – proudly named so because he beat someone over the head with a stick – talk about “taking over the West Coast and getting rid of all the liberals.”

I grew up in a city where black people were openly called “nigger”, gays were ostracized and had their family lives ruined, and I was punished for having pre-marital sex, having a friend with a gay dad, and not marrying the crazy older woman that randomly showed up in church one day and told everyone that God told her I should marry her. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I openly talked about not believing in the same God as everyone else.

And so I had to get the fuck out and move someplace where I could simply live how I wanted. And we’re not talking about any sort of lifestyle that hurts others. I’m not trying to fight for my right to be a cannibal, I just want to be myself, be happy, and live in peace with everyone around me. And now these guys dressed as militia who don’t even live here are flying in and telling the world their goal is to “fight against¬†everything that makes Portland, Portland” and I’m supposed to not think of them as bad people?
When did we all stop taking responsibility for our own lives and decide that the rest of the world must bow and bend to our individual desires and wants? My town in Florida fucking sucked for me, so I left. And in my wholly non-professional opinion, if you can’t accept the fact that you must find the right currents for your own life and swim to¬†them instead of waiting for the entire river to flow to you, you’re gonna have a real bad time from here on out.