Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll. And Tony Partytime.

The hardest drug I’ve ever ingested is ecstasy. I took it three times over a two month span and then never again. The first time, I took it with a friend to try it out. The second time was at the Ultra Music Festival, which I had flown cross country to get to with two pills in the pocket of my jeans without ever considering how fucking stupid of an idea that was. If I had been checked at the airport, I would have had no defense. But I wasn’t,... Read more →

What, Exactly, is The Goal Here?

So we had this pro-Trump “free speech rally” down the street from my home and I tuned in to the livestream to watch a guy nicknamed “Stickman” – proudly named so because he beat someone over the head with a stick – talk about “taking over the West Coast and getting rid of all the liberals.” I grew up in a city where black people were openly called “nigger”, gays were ostracized and had their family lives ruined, and I was punished for having pre-marital sex, having a friend with... Read more →

Artificial Intelligence Will Melt Your Face Off

The impending AI revolution will be the the most fantastic and monumental and mind-meltingly absurd leap we will have experienced in our lifetimes. I don’t think any of us can truly comprehend the scale and speed at which it will occur. But Moore’s law (basically, the exponential evolution of computing power) is going to throw the changes (and keep throwing them) at our faces so hard and fast it’ll feel like a heavyweight boxing match in the eleventh round. We’ll be staggering around, barely able to keep up, confused and trying to... Read more →

Trust is a Choice.

We all have facets of our selves that aren’t obvious to us. Some people are blissfully unaware of who they are vs. who they think they are. We all know that guy who thinks he’s hot shit while everyone rolls their eyes when he comes around, or that woman that dates guys that look and act like Fred Durst circa 2002 yet always seems confused when she ultimately catches him doing the same thing those guys always do. Some people are painfully aware of what they’re lacking but not sure what the... Read more →

I’m Tall (But I’m Not THAT Tall)

I’m 6’3″. Which means I’m tall, but I’m not that tall. I have a good friend, and he is 6’5″, which is taller, but still not that tall. We hang out a lot together, and when we do, awkward encounters regarding our height often happen. But the strangest is when we’re out at a bar or club, and drunk guys come up to us. The guys are never short, never tall, always average. 5’9″ – 5’11”, without fail. It works similarly like I assume it would if I were a woman... Read more →