Somehow I found myself living with an Italian gangster. From early-morning coke-fueled casino trips to learning how to launder money to selling stolen computer chips out of a warehouse in Compton to breaking arms, this is how it all went down.


After spending months in L.A. homeless or bouncing from couch to couch, I had finally found a room to call my own. Sure, my roomie was old, but she was cool, and I had no problem tying up first, last, and deposit with her. Whoops. Ever have someone threaten to poison you with her own hepatitis? 

Before I got into comedy and writing full-time, I worked as a radio personality. Those years of my life are the basis of my upcoming book, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll Radio." Here are some of the stories.

Homeschooling. Televangelists. Praying away the gay. Mom waging screaming prayer battles against "witches" during family dinners at Steak N' Shake. These are the things that make America great.

Broke and desperate in West Hollywood, I took the only job I could find - bouncer at a gay bar. While everyone else was out partying on the weekend, I was breaking up bathroom sex, throwing people in the street, and fending off Gay Steve Urkel. 

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The stigma around mental illness is real, and for a long time I fell into it, refusing to go into depth about my own battles. That is no longer the case. Everyone is affected one way or another, and I believe we are doing ourselves a grave disservice by hiding our struggles, especially when it can be so hard (as it was for me) to find understanding and answers in a world where many would rather pretend things are OK and suffer in secret than deal with the ramifications of the stigma. This is a video I made detailing what it was like for me during my toughest battles with OCD. I am happy to announce that with years of therapy, the right medication, and an active meditation life, my symptoms have lessened by roughly 80% since this was made. I do want to mention that I go into some dark territory, so please take that into consideration before watching.